Friday, 8 June 2012

Shiny New Start

With my ever expanding 40K armies and intention to start new games in the none to distant future, I thought it would be better to start a fresh with blogging, this time with new authors to give additional content and a broader point of view. As most of the authors already have their own individual blogs, I considered it more appropriate to start an entirely new endeavour. 
Thus 'Insane Heroism' has been born. 

I go by the handle Firewasp with my existing blog, my armies are Black templars, Tyranids and Tau. Hopefully together with Scotchjon, Noveltyboy and JC we will be able to provide lots of content about a broad range of subjects in the near future. 

With 40K 6th edition being release on the 7th of July (apparently) and Hawk wargames releasing dropzone commander (eventually, maybe) both of which I intend to pick-up, it should be interesting times ahead for wargamers.

Stick around, there should more to come in the future. 


  1. Hey guys, nice shiny new blog :) I'll put a shout out on All Areas in the week for you.

  2. Thanks, be nice to have people spread the word.