Tuesday, 19 June 2012

6th Edition More info

The latest 6th edition rumours floating around the internet are as follows:

Hull points: vehicles now have hull points and will be destroyed after losing so many hull points regardless of wrecked or destroyed results. this probably makes landraiders slightly better value for money as they are less likely to be glanced to death by secondary weapons then their rhino counter parts.

Allies are in: With a shiny new chart (this could be the one used for the throne of skulls doubles tournament) indicating the level of co-operation between factions allowing you to take a second FOC from another faction. I'm quite interested in this, as rather then looking at it as a way create an all powerful army of the beardiest possible combination (as well as the fact that with GK being the strongest army, no other army does anything that they can't already do, generally better and for less points), I'm thinking this opens up all sorts of possibilities for theme armies, such as in Ginges previous post. Where the typical wall you hit with these is suitable models and rules to fit in with your theme. This type of system could open up a whole avenue of possible themes. 

Fortifications: Now you can by a fortification slot? hmm, not sure how this would fit in with some armies, I for one can't see my tyranids having much use for a fortress of redemption. Though a spawning pool would be nice

Close combat weapons AP: Pretty self explanatory. I'm glad this is going to be included, as it does represent a large part of the game. I just hope it doesn't widen the power gap between marines and other armies. We shall see though.

All of this should still be taken with a pinch of salt, as it is all completely out of context with the rest of the rules so to look at any potential impact of these statements taken in isolation of the rest of the rules would be fruitless.

What do you guys think?

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