Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dropzone Commander

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been looking at games to expand to other then 40K, one of the games I have settled on is Dropzone Commander by Hawk wargames. This is partly because the models look awesome and also because dropships.. big robot mech walkers...tanks....fighters... I'm there, this sort of game seems right up my street. I confess to having absolutely no idea as to how the game will play, hopefully it'll be as entertaining as it looks in the pictures. 

So onto the armies / factions:

The Scourge: 
In the not so grim darkness, of the non too distant future, the largest threat to ever face mankind is the tyranid menace sorry, the scourge. Basically parasitic life forms, that embed themselves into another life form taking over control of their victim. Their military strategy is to get close and win, or die trying. Seems life is cheap for the scourge. probably because it's someone else's. 

Although this seems to have served them well as in the background they have taken over Earth and all the central colonies. So if i had to liken them to a 40K army it would be tyranids. They look pretty cool, however they aren't my favourite faction, solely based on the look of the models. I prefer the aesthetics of some of the other factions.

The Shaltari:
The Shaltari seem to be the equivalent of the Eldar in dropzone commander. With the most advanced technology of all the factions, the Shaltari use transporter technology as opposed to crudely attaching vehicles to dropships. 
They have some super cool looking vehicles like the Jaguar (right) and their actual dropships look fairly cool as well. This would be my second army should I enjoy the game and decide to invest more money into it.

The United Colonies of Mankind are what is left of humanity after the Scourge has taken over Earth and the cradle worlds. They have been geared for mass production of war machines and weapons. In a state of war since it's inception 150 years ago. With it's ongoing mission to recapture Earth, the UCM has become a military state. The UCM is probably the Imperial guard equivalent. Where the human weakness is made up for through weight of numbers and simple but effective firepower. This is Jons preference for his forces.

Which leads us to..

The 'superhuman' faction of Dropzone commander, these are humans that left the core worlds before the scourge invasion, labelled as rebels by their human counterparts. They have returned, with advanced weapons and technology. Though they don't have the numbers of the UCM they are more then a match for them on a 1 vs 1 basis. 
From a model point of view, they look absolutely superb. I love the look of their, fighters dropships and mech walkers. So this is going to be my initial force when starting out in the world of dropzone commander. I for one can't wait till the 23rd of July for the release of the game.

Images are used without permission from Hawk wargames :-P


  1. Gotta admit those UCM forces do look more inspired by Colonial Marines than Imperial Guard, but I like them... and am surprised they aren't your first choice :oP

    IF I was to join in with this game that is the one I would go for. I think I'll wait and see how well it plays and the final model quality before I commit though.

  2. I was split between the Shaltari, the UCM and the PHR. But the models for the PHR just look terrific.
    You'll get a chance to play with them and have a look at the models shortly after release I imagine.