Friday, 12 April 2013

Tau codex: first impressions

After a few reads through the new Tau codex one of the things I have to say is... Wow.
Hats off to Jeremy Vetock for creating, what in my opinion, has got to be one off the most flexible, yet balanced codexes to date. Almost every entry in the army list is viable in one way or another with no obviously lacklustre units. Each entry would be marked on it's own merits within your preferred army list and tailored to your playstyle.
Upon first impressions it seems you could create a Tau army in the way you feel and still make it a fun yet competitive list to play, without sacrificing too much effectiveness on the field.
Nothing appears to be particularly broken either. A few nasty combos that could be effective though these will be limited in their application and in many respects not spammable.
Overall on really looking forward to using this codex and seeing how it performs on the field. The Tau are back!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tau stuff arrives!

Well it's been a long long wait, but finally my Tau army has received reinforcements and a new codex. So to celebrate, I decided to go out and spend my savings on plastic crack (seemed like the only sensible option). The new models have grown on me and I think with a little bit of manipulation could get some interesting poses. Also be nice to see who models their riptides as short as possible in order to get a cover saver easier (the tying his shoelace pose).
The codex looks awesome as well. I can't wait to start seeing how the new army works on the table top.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tau sold out

Just been having a look at the new flyers on white dwarf daily and it seems as though they under estimated the demand for Tau products. There is a footnote in the daily staying that they will be unable to fulfil preorders placed from this morning until after the general release date. Could this possibly make Tau one of the fastest selling armies that gw have released recently?

In other news sucks that on gonna be out the country on this date anyway. Ah well.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Tau advanced order

So much to the dismay of my wife, I have placed a preorder for some of the Tau stuff. Despite being slightly pessimistic about the look of some of the models from the leaked pictures. Much like the stormtalon I've actually grown quite fond of them. The preview video also helped a lot.
My preorder consists of the following:
Crisis enforcer commander
2x riptide battleships
2x flyers

I do fear that the codex is not going to do these units justice though, having been written by Jeremy vetock who wrote the dark angels codex. Unfortunately some of the new units in that codex are overcosted, especially the flyers. Yet the rest of the codex is relatively well balanced.

Guess we will find out next week.