Saturday, 30 June 2012

6th Edition Arrives

Well, here it is. I almost missed out! Somehow I thought the release date was next weekend, so I missed out on the limited edition sets but manage to pop down to my local secondary retailer and nabbed the last copy of a standard rule book.

First thought is what a weighty tome! 432 pages, 1924g (according to our kitchen scales!) or 37mm (1.5" for those who still use imperial) of hobby goodness.  Ripping the cellophane off is not quite as satisfying as tearing open a new boxed set game but you still get a good whiff of newness from the book!

The rules, including the terrain you can purchase, the allies matrix and 6 missions comes to a total of 131 pages leaving the rest of the book devoted to the fluff and hobby information and the index.  The game summary at the back seems to be much more rigorous than previous editions, perhaps this is an indication that things have become more complex!

The whole book is now colour, rather than just the hobby section, which is nice and the illustrations are, as normal, of excellent quality.  You now also get a handy ribbon marker!

On the whole it looks interesting and I can't wait to read it thoroughly; as it says in the introduction "A new era is coming..." let us hope it's a good one!

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  1. As someone who pre-ordered the special edition an hour after it was available. Seems your better off not pre-ordering as I haven't even had a dispatch mail yet.

    GW preorder = fail.