Friday, 15 June 2012

6th edition release further details

Just been to pick up a storm talon at the local GW, and got handed the card in the picture. Also managed to get a few details on the date shown on the card. Apparently the white dwarf on the 23rd will be selling for £5, which is more then normal, but will contain either a dark angel or (heavily hinted) chaos marine. The store will be running a speed painting competition on these days. With the 6th edition rulebook available to view on this date.
preorders will be taken on this date with orders shipping the following weekend. It was also hinted that the starter box would be available from the weekend following the 23rd.
Exciting times.


  1. awesome, I can't wait for this, even if its screwed up ( i.e. sixth edition sucks) then it will still mark a change for me as I move onto warmahordes.

  2. I hope they don't screw it up, time will tell. I'll give it a few months to see if I get on with it. If not, I'm expanding my gaming catalogue anyway, hopefully dropline commander will arrive soon, then some of my friends were talking firestorm armada the other day.

  3. Talking to my local GW manager, he shows me the VI in the date... points out that there are currently 5 marine codexes... he believes the time is NOW for The Rainbow Marines codex!

    He had just been to a super secret manager meeting in Nottingham where they aparrently said to them all "Most of you are no doubt expecting to see something shiny and cool today... well you're not!"

    Despite all this, I still think it's pretty clear...

  4. Of course, rainbow marines, it all comes together now.
    I did hear of that super secret manager meeting, wonder what was annouced there, I do know that the guy I was speaking too was worried about getting two small starter forces painted in less then a week....