Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Blog wars 4

So Alex of From the Fang has put up the date for Blog wars 4, I shall of course be attempting to attend the fourth blog wars as well. I think JC would like to attend this one as well, despite neither of us doing particularly well at blog wars 3, I had an absolutely fantastic time so would love to attend No 4.

So the date for BW4 is the 14/10/12, the only danger of this date is that it may clash with Braknell Forest Gamers escalation tournament, though hopefully this won't be the case.

So the question then becomes what army to take?

My Tyranids were ready just in time for BW3, I mean literally the morning of the tournament. So they are a potential entry into BW4, although I think I will need to mix up the army list slightly to make them slightly more effective. 

My Tyranid BW3

Another alternative is to take my Tau force, they did pretty well at BW1 coming third overall. Although I would like to change the army composition significantly for the next iteration of the army which could come at significant expense to myself and given my upcoming wedding, it isn't likely to happen.

My Tau Army at blog wars 1

My third and final option would be to take my Templars these would need to be dusted off before being used for gaming, the models are actually quite dusty, I would also need to spend a bit of time painting up some new models, although this would take time rather then expense as I have stacks of space marine models to build and paint. 

It also remains to be seen how these armies will operate under the 6th edition ruleset (not that it really makes a difference to my final choice unless a force becomes pretty much unplayable). I'm currently leaning towards the Templars though as it would be nice to take a third army to blog wars.

Decisions Decisions......

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