Sunday, 10 June 2012

Painting Scores

Scotchjon has had the rather good idea of keeping painting scores on the blog so we can track the progress of our armies, in a pseudo-competitive way. So I shall be using the scoring system that he currently implements for his own blog with a couple of minor differences.

Infantry / Infantry Base - 1 Point
Large Infantry / Cavalry / Bikes - 2 Points
Monster / Dreadnought - 5 Points
Large Monster / Vehicle -10 Points
Super-heavy Vehicle / Gigantic Monster - 20 Points

I shall be adding points scores to a gadget in the near future, this shall include the year to date total as well (so quite a few for my Tyranids thus far :-P) and I shall reset the scores every year. I'll also update the points values with the Dropzone commander model types when I see how they compare to GW figures.

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