Monday, 6 May 2013

A Small matter of Honour 2013

I recently attended the Sad Muppets Society a Small matter of Honour tournament at triple helix wargames in Westbury. The tournament consisted of 4 games during the day two games at 1250 points with a raid force and a further 2 games at 1750 points. 

I had decided to take my Tyranids along for the day, the few games of sixth edition I have had with them so far proving to be the most successful army I have. Not to mention one of the best painted (even if they weren't completed). My 1250 point list consisted of the following:
  • Flyrant 2x TL brainleech  devourers
  • 2x 2x Hive guard
  • 2x 12x Devilgaunts in Spore pods
  • 2x Tervigons with catalyst toxin sacs and adrenal glands
  • 11x termagants
It was only the night before the tournament that my colleague pointed out that I had taken 1 too many troops choices, so I had to drop the 11 termagants from the 1250 point list and add them back in at the 1750 point games. For the 1750 point games I added the following:
  • Swarmlord with single tyrant guard
  • Basic Tervigon
The idea of the single tyrant guard being that if the Swarmlord got Iron arm off then the entire units toughness would go up.

First off, the venue, Triple helix games was a great venue to play at there was plenty of space, lots of tables quite a bit of varied terrain. the shop had quite a bit of variety of stock. There were also plenty of shelving in the gaming area where player resources were stocked, magazines, rulebooks and boxed games all seemed to be available for you to use. The only slightly disappointing thing was the price of a cup of tea (£1) when a can of coke is a quid, a cup of tea should cost far less. But as a complaint that's pretty minor. Overall a very good venue and I wish there was a similar one closer to me. 

Overall the tournament went really well, being as I hadn't played that many games of sixth I was quite nervous going into the tournament. However there was no need to be, every opponent I faced was a brilliant guy to play against and I would happily play any of them again.

At the end of the tournament I am happy to report that I finished in third place after 3 wins and a narrow draw on the last game. I'll post on some of the games over the next couple of days.