Saturday, 6 October 2012

The List, The Dreaded List...

In my post yesterday I mentioned that I was doing the Baneblades as I wanted to cross a couple of big items off the To Do list. Of course that is big as in model size, sadly not big in proportion to the rest of the list. Out of a sense of morbid curiosity I made a note of all the things I could think of that I own that need painting. Worryingly, this may not even be a complete list, but here goes...


P - needs painting
B - needs building and painting
RP - bought second hand, needs a repaint to fit my colour scheme
C - needs converting/building and painting


Baneblade - P
2 x Shadowsword - P
Stormlord - P
Banehammer - P
Avenger Fighter - B
Valkyrie - P
Vulture - P
3 Sentinals - P
Hellhound - P
Hellhound - B
2 x Demolisher - P
4 x Hydra - RP
Leman Russ - RP
Demolisher - RP
Chimera - RP
Basilisk - RP
2 x Chimera - P
4 x Jetbike - B
1 x Landspeeder - B
10 Rough Riders - C
100ish Guardsmen - P
100ish Guardsmen - RP
10 Ogryns - P
30 Kasrkin Stormtroopers - P
Manticore - RP
Several Character Models - P


Looted Wagon - P
Blitza Bommer - P
10 Stormboyz - P
5 Nobz - P
15-20 Boyz - P
Mega Dredd - B
26 Deffkoptas - B
Land Raider Battle Wagon Conversion - C
5 Tankbustas and Bomb squigs - B
Several Character Models - B


Doomsday Ark - B


5 Pistoliers - B
5 Knights - P
24 Handgunners - P
20 Halberdiers - P
Steam Tank - B
30ish Militia - P
10 Crossbowmen - P
5 Huntsmen - P
Celestial Hurricanum - P
Hellstorm Rocket Battery - B
20 Swordsmen - P
Cannon - P
Hellblaster - P
Several Character Models - P

Tomb Kings

20 Skeleton Archers - P
2 Screaming Skull Catapult Conversions - P
3 Ushabti - P
Bone Giant - B
10 Skeleton Cavalry - P
Casket of Souls - P
Battle Standard Bearer - P

Dark Elves

40 Corsairs - P
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers - P
20 Spearmen - P
Several Character Models


Model Contents of Space Hulk - P
Model Contents of DreadFleet - B
30 Fallen Angels from a long shelved project - P
15 Space Marine Bikers from a dead project - P
24 Dogs of War Pikemen that are currently unusable in my Empire Army - B
9 Pink Horrors from a "some day a tzeentch daemon army" project - P
Wrecked Land Raider Scenery Conversion - C
10 Boombunnies of Khorne for an apoc scenario - P
1 large box of second hand chaos space marines that I use for conversions which includes still about 10 terminators, a lord, 30 beserkers, 10 chosen, 5 possessed and a predator... I have NO idea what to do with that lot :oP

So there's my list... what should I do next? I know what I want to do most... make a start on my Winds of War 13 project! For which I don't even have the models yet. THIS is why this list grew so long. Every time I sit down to make a crack at it I see somethi... OOOOH SHINY! *leaves blog post unfinished*


  1. I have this exact same issue. Not sure my list is as big as yours. But given our relative painting speeds...
    Got too much stuff to finish off.

    1. Well my goal is to get more painted this year than I did last year... in painting points anyway. By my average I have a two year backlog, so should probably get cracking :oP