Sunday, 28 October 2012


So, it was my birthday the other day...

Which meant Cake!

Oh, and also some nice people sent me birthday money, including my fellow blogger Firewasp. Muchly appreciated, as it has allowed me to order the stuff I need to make a start on this pirate project I've been itching to get going on. I've ordered two boxes of wyches and two raiders. I already had my sea turtles, which I've started working on (I need to lash them together with human hair... from my back...) and have also got my razorwing flocks. I wasn't too keen on the GW model (the price was rather off putting, and peoples suggestion of breaking it down into several bases to get your monies worth... well, as the ducks in Open Season state, you can't flock with only two. So anyway, for the razorwing flocks I've picked up the models below from Reaper miniatures.

Sadly no more to say just yet, just gotta wait on the bloody postman now... c'mon, c'mon! :oP


  1. Nice cake.

    As for lashing things together with hair from your back ::shudder::

    Hope you had a good birthday anyway mate.

  2. Sadly I think that would degrade over time, so I think painted cotton will have to suffice ;oP

    Was a good day. Ate a takeaway pizza, got cake, drank lots, and no hangover (which is more than can be said for the 19 year old kids who were trying to keep up with me, which is always amusing)

  3. Nice cake :D

    Now following you, I think I may live near you acording to the UK Bloggers group map ;)