Friday, 5 October 2012

Arrogance is a Virtue

At least, it is when it's tank shaped, and the Orksies have one just as big!

Decided to get a couple of big jobs off my painting "To Do" list

The Fortress of Arrogance, Yarricks personal transport, is a minor conversion - a little plasticard and some pieces from the city buildings sprue created his pulpit, and the paint job was simplicity itself. Hard to tell here but there is a red line around the pulpit, the turret housing and the top of the guns.

The skullhammer took somewhat longer, with having SO much red to paint. Some extras from the Stompa kit and a spare cannon from one of the variants in the shadowsword box went into this, plus a few spare grots and a couple of bits from the Ork Truk sprue.

And finally, if an Ork is smiling at you, be worried....

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