Monday, 2 January 2017

CATCH 2 A Clash of Orks

Was all the message said. Was all it needed to say. In that one word Veddack had been granted the full authority to pursue a resolution of this unwarranted IIC intrusion using whatever means he deemed fit. 
Alas due to the vagaries of long range astropathic communication, the IIC had already landed and begun broadcasting by the time the message arrived. This meant that the most expedient option of blowing their ship apart upon arrival, was no longer viable. 
Veddack checked his internal Chronometer, 23:52.48 EST. The magos leaned back allowing himself to become fully immersed in the noospheric data realm.  Information followed through and around him, allowing him to perform actions at a rate that would astonish even the astartes.  he checked his internal systems correcting a 0.2° phase variance in mechcandrite drives, satisfied that everything was running at peak efficiency he quickly trawled through the stations servitor inventories until he found a suitably equipped model and uploaded a new set of instructions. Moving on he checked the stations camouflage systems. The equipment the IIC had brought with them would have struggled to find the facility had they been firing the defence lasers into space, fortunately the IIC had never been blessed with a particularly large budget. Even though, one could never be too careful. Systems seemed normal though the frequency of one of the optical emitters was fluctuating from previous readings. He despatched a repair log to the priest responsible for their maintenance. Once the proper prayers and rituals had been performed he was sure the emitters machine spirit would be appeased. His next action was to wake the skitarii. As part of the force located in the facility they were intended to act as the first quick response in the event of an attack. Although today they would serve a different purpose. A squad of vanguard, infiltrators and a dunecrawler were available for immediate deployment. Veddack himself would lead them it would prove an opportune time to test his latest combat wetware in action. 
Utilising his facilities powerful communications array, he launched an attack on the IIC surveillance equipment. Breaking though their aegis protocols was childs play. Hiding his intrusion as background noise he expertly worked through the data captured on the implanted feral orks. If he could end them the IIC would have no reason the remain in-system. Subject B was the first target. Having set himself apart from his ork brethren he would prove an easy target. Veddack hacked into the monitors observing the young ork and buried a command to loop playback at his signal. Carefully extracting himself from the system making sure to cover his tracks, one link drew his attention. A seemingly insignificant data pad connection. A passive probe revealed that this connection was protected by some of the strongest aegis protocols Veddack had seen. 
Curbing his curiosity, Veddack returned to his physical shell. The restrictive nature of physical concerns felt taxing after the noospheric connection. Checking his internal Chronometer 4 seconds had passed. 12% longer than expected but within his normal performance metrics. "let us begin"
3 miles away in the facility. Along corridors that hadn't been used for decades. A servitor that had been scouring the walkway flashed with an updated command set. It's connection light blinking rapidly with new directives being written. Stopping it's previous task the servitor set off into the depths of the facility. 

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