Saturday, 31 December 2016

CATCH a beginning

++++++++ Incoming transmission ++++++++
+Received via  astropathic relay 258GB45A+
++ Vermillion Level clearance required +++
.   .   .   .
++Thank you Arch magos++
++originator: Magos Veddack++
++imperial time stamp: M41.9801-451++
++Location: Research Facility FS-21++
++Message begins++
Arch Magos. 
Surveillance satellites detected an imperial ship entering the system at the Mandeville point. Cross references with imperial databases estimate a 98.47% chance that the ship is the IIC cruiser currently assigned to Achtenburg. IIC broadcasts reveal the Biologis Scholar is intending to study feral ork society. The facility was located on this planet partly because of the lack of strategic value and feral ork infestation making the planet unattractive to imperial or xenos  interests. Probability of discovery has increased by 34.2% in light of the IIC presence. A 35.1% probability exceeds safe margins. 
Recommend that we take appropriate action to dissuade the IIC.
++Message ends++


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  1. Nice! Good to tie things together, makes it all more interesting...