Friday, 12 April 2013

Tau codex: first impressions

After a few reads through the new Tau codex one of the things I have to say is... Wow.
Hats off to Jeremy Vetock for creating, what in my opinion, has got to be one off the most flexible, yet balanced codexes to date. Almost every entry in the army list is viable in one way or another with no obviously lacklustre units. Each entry would be marked on it's own merits within your preferred army list and tailored to your playstyle.
Upon first impressions it seems you could create a Tau army in the way you feel and still make it a fun yet competitive list to play, without sacrificing too much effectiveness on the field.
Nothing appears to be particularly broken either. A few nasty combos that could be effective though these will be limited in their application and in many respects not spammable.
Overall on really looking forward to using this codex and seeing how it performs on the field. The Tau are back!

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