Monday, 3 December 2012

Trazyn the Infinfinfinfinfinfinfinite...

So today I played a game with my Necrons where Trazyn REALLY excelled himself. In scenes reminiscent of Snatch he proved that you can't keep a good robot down, at least not for long.

Playing The Relic mission with standard deployment I gambled, and deep struck Trazyns squad to the centre, hoping to grab the relic with the edge of the squad and start my withdrawel on turn 2. However, a wayward scatter put me far from my target, about 6" in front of the enemy... an ork horde army. Ah...

Making the best of a bad situation the warriors Gaussed the battlewagon to death, giving me first blood... and spilling out a pissed off set of Ork Nobs toting lots of Power Klaws, lead by a rather angry looking warboss.

The nobz and a squad of 30 boys charged in, and thanks to trazyns empathic obliterator I managed to tie the combat. My lychguard piled in so at least some of the power klaws would be hitting invulnerable saves as opposed to chewing up combat res on the warrior squad. Trazyn helped tip the combat to a draw again with more empathic kills. My opponent then threw another squad of 30 boyz AND a squad of burna boyz into the mix. The burnas hacked trazyn apart with wild abandon, after he had failed to get a kill annoyingly. The combat was a massive loss and the lychguard ran, and everyone was hacked down. But trazyn got back up amidst the slaughter (on a 5 no less) Utterly surrounded I used my annihalation barges to try to blast my way through the burnas to let trazyn charge the big squad of boyz. Sadly I couldn't break them, so Trazyn charged the warboss and challenged him to a fight. He passed his mindshackle test... Trazyn wounded him, but without the mindshackle the warboss tore him to shreds. Again my opponent tried to block where he could deploy, but again Trazyn stood up. My opponent then tank shocked him into line of sight of the lootas, who gunned him down mercilessly. He got back up again. He then moved on and charged the boyz squad. He took out a healthy number but they took him down. Sick of his shenanigans, they finally deployed in such a way that he could NOT get back up. I then rolled for Trazyns other ability, and on a roll of a 5 (only needed a 2+ but still sweet nonetheless) he reappeared as a lord over in the other squad of warriors! He still lived.

After being held so long in the middle, my opponent broke forward with his boss and nobz to finish my immortals, the only scoring unit I had close enough to challenge for the objective. He moved one solitary boy that survived his first squad almost within spitting distance of the relic. The other squad had been sent packing by an effective gauss volley that put them below the 25% threshold, and they left the field of play. So the nobz charged my 3 immortals and one lord. The lord challenged the warboss, who accepted. Who then failed his mindshackle. The immortals did little but die ignominiously, but the warboss put three instant death wounds on his own squad, which only one cybork body saved. My lord taking the 2 wounds off the warboss left my lord winning the combat by 3, and he promptly ran down the surviving nobz. The game ended turn 5 with me scoring first blood and slay the warlord and my opponent scoring nothing. If there had been a turn 6, I would easily have taken his last scoring unit of one boy... leaving him just two turns to grab linebreaker and SOMEHOW slay my warlord to get the a draw, though slaying my warlord would have involved tabling me as he had 20 ablative wounds in the warrior squad. A solid victory, and I owe it all to just how tenacious Trazyn proved to be. Without him holding up the mass brawl in the middle then nipping at their heels to slow them down they'd have surrounded the objective and claimed the three points long before.

Trazyn, you'd do Boris proud...


  1. Im beginning to suspect that you are enjoying your necrons far too much. Certainly the go to army for 6th edition right now.

  2. Honestly, it's because it's by far the easiest army for me to carry :-P My entire army fits in one case plus a box half the size of a shoebox for the annihalation barges... something that cannot be said for my guard or orks. Depending on build I can usually fit the infantry in one case, but then require an underbed storage box for the vehicles (Not unknown to need two for my guard!)

    So... if I'm walking up to geek club or taking a wander down to the workshop, the Necron army is by far the easiest to grab and go... hence why so many games with them of late :-P

    1. Admittedly Trazyn is fun too... :-P

    2. i'm just jealous that you are actually getting some games in, where as for me it just seems to be a fight to get to the painting table. :-P

    3. The benefit of a local gaming club... take out those games, and while I have still got more games than you (I also have a local games workshop) the numbers drop massively.