Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa Klaws is coming to Waaaaaaaaagh!

'E sees you when youz sleepin,
'E knows when youz awake,
Cos 'E's peering through your window,
So stoppit fore you go blind mate!

Oh get your choppas out,
Raise 'em in the sky,
Giv your mate a clout,
We'z tellin you wy,
Santa Klaws is coming, to Waaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh!


  1. Looking good mate. Enjoy your apocalypse game.

    1. It appears I have been outdone, but sod it I'm still chuffed with mine. And happily I posted these pics the same day, so no one can accuse me of copying :-P

    2. Ha, although i think that yhe bikes look better then the boars.

    3. I appreciate the thought :-P I like my own design better, though I do have to admit the other guy has far better converting skills than I do :-P