Friday, 12 October 2018

A tale of knights

Sir" the words were spat at him like an insult. Of course that's what he should have expected. He tried to change his stars and had nearly succeeded. The only thing his countrymen hated more then the nobles were people that dragged themselves out of the mud in which they toiled. "Enjoy your stay, Sir. Sorry if the accommodation isn't up to your usual standard!" The guard laughed as he shoved William into the cell. "Don't worry pretty boy we'll find you someone to keep you warm tonight." The guards foetid breath lingering in the cell as the door was slammed shut.
William sat upright. If he was to meet his end then he would met it head held high. Seconds turned into minutes turned into hours. The frigid night air setting his teeth chattering. He pulled his knees up into his chest and looked back at how he had got to this point. A smile crept across his face as he realised that he would make the same choices even knowing where the road leads. 

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