Thursday, 3 July 2014

Da Plan

So I'm sure many of you have done this before but is kind of a first for me... I have planned an army that I want to build. Yeah, I know, to most gamers not exactly newsworthy, but I've always been a sort of absorbing hobbyist - I'll absorb any new releases into my burgeoning collection and figure out what to do with them months down the line. This can lead to some boxes I still have sat on my shelf, unloved, unused, but if I ever fancy painting something a bit different, it's there ready to go, even if I'm broke when the mood does strike me.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post, I am thinking of doing a Bad Moons ork army to enable me to get all the new ork toys I want that just don't fit with my Speed Freaks army (such as artillery and meganobz - and yes I know meganobz can have a transport but it's just the idea of putting a unit with the "SLOW and purposeful" rule into a SPEED freaks army has always felt wrong to me)

So, I am going to put the list, then make a few points as to what my thinking is, then note down what I have and what I need to get, and finally some notes on future development.

LOW - Ghaz - 225
HQ - Big Mek, Mega Armour, Kustom Mega Blasta, Power Klaw, Kustom Force Field, Da Lucky Stix, 3 Grot Oilers 1 Ammo Runt - 168
HQ - Painboy, cybork body, grot orderly - 60
bonus HQ - Mek - 15
T - 20 Boyz, shootas, Nob PK Bosspole -180
ded tran truk, ram -35
T - 20 Boyz, shootas, Nob PK Bosspole -180
ded tran truk, ram -35
T - 20 Boyz shootas - 140
T - 10 grots, runtherd - 35
E - 7 Meganobz, 3 Killsaws, 3 Kombi skorchas, 1 Bosspole - 330
ded tran - Battlewagon, ram, grot riggers, 4 big shootas, extra armour, boarding planks - 170
HS - Battlewagon, Deffrolla, 2 big shootas, grot riggers, boarding planks - 155
HS - Battlewagon, Deffrolla, 2 big shootas, grot riggers, boarding planks - 155
HS - 3 Mek guns, Traktor Kannons, each with +2 gretchin crew and an ammo runt -117

So, Ghaz, the meganobz, the big mek and the painboy all ride in the meganobz (well, Ghaz really) Battlewagon with a 5++ save, It Will Not Die, and a chance of fixing parts that fall off, looking to get stuck in and beat face. The unit has FNP and is a little bit hard. The Lucky Stix grant the unit +1WS as well as giving the Big Mek some rerolls (that with the downside being fail too many and he's dead, I shall only use sparingly) The two units of Boyz led by a nob will ride in support in the other Battlewagons.

The spare Mek I plan to join with the artillery to give those grots a bit of a Leadership boost. There's also a unit of Grots and a mob of boyz for looking after objectives in the backfield area.

 The traktor Kannons are the anti air for this list, though if there aren't any enemy flyers then I'll take pop-shots at ground targets too - hitting on a 6 isn't anything an ork player is generally going to cry about.

The only thing that might not be immediately obvious is the truks. Well I'll be honest, it was the local store manager that clued me in to this little trick, and as I had some points spare I decided to give it a try. Now sure, those truks won't be carrying those boyz mobs any time soon (though they could rescue the survivors if they ever take too much of a kicking!) but as they are bought for a troop that makes them also a troop, and as this army is built using the standard force org chart, this gives it objective secured. So I can tank shock an enemy off an objective and, if he doesn't have objective secured, steal it right from under his very nose. On a fast vehicle that's fairly handy!

So, what is the state of the army right now?

Well, I've got Ghaz. I've just finished converting his Battlewagon. I also have a couple deffrolla battlewagons sat around, need to do a couple bitz on them (mainly the wargear options) and they'll be good to go too. I also have all the boyz I will need for this. I've picked up one Mek Gun so far (I wanted to have a look at the kit, see how easy it is to magnetise... that aint gonna happen, though I have heard that with the spares and a truk kit you can jerry rig the other three guns in a suitably orky fashion, which I may try at some point.) I also *might* have a box of grots somewhere, but I may have used them on a conversion, so maybe not.

Needed? Well, the big mek and meganobz are required, so 3 boxes of meganobz. I also want the new painboy. I could use one I already have, but the new one is nicer. I also need a mek, I may look at the new one or just convert something. I need 2 more Mek guns. I also need two truks. Possibly one, I definitely have one spare that I got off a friend, but it's part assembled, and not very well done, so I may save that for the mek gun project and get fresh truks. I was also eyeing up the enclosed cab truk on forgeworld and thinking something snazzy like that would suit Bad Moons down to the ground.

I don't really NEED it for the above army, but I do WANT to get the new Shok Attack Gun at some point. Consider that on my shopping list for future development, when I wish to expand beyond my planned 2k list.

As for other future developments, well I still have tucked away 2 looted wagons, a dakkajet, lots of deffkoptas, lots of Nobz (including many with cybork bodies if I wanted to do a unit that looked like it had received the attentions of mad dok grotsnik) a crapton of Lootas, some stormboyz, 3 kans, 1 deffdred, 1 mega dred and 2 stompas. So plenty of room for expansion there...

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering how I have amassed such an unpainted collection of Orks, it's because when friends quit the hobby, I have a massive urge to offer their armies homes. When it's armies I have no interest in< I can usually fight the urges and let them go to a better place... when it came to pretty much doubling the size of my ork army... yeah, I caved.


  1. I'm a couple of months into an Ork army too, so am interested to see how you get on. A couple of points:
    The list looks fun but I find power klaws too expensive on a character with a 6+ that will probably be challenged before he gets to use it. Big choppas for me are better.
    Nobz can't get cybork bodies any more. In fact cybork is a waste on a painboy, who already has 5+ FNP. I know Mad Dok has one but still.
    I'd be dubious about tank shocking much with an AV10 trukk, which can be glanced to death by bolters. I think the manager was trying to sell more trukks.

    1. Yeah I've had that experience with Power Klaws in my speed freaks army since the whole "challenges" thing came in, really quite annoying. I was trying to find the points to fit a couple meks with Killsaws into the list so that if someone challenged the Nob I could simply refuse and there'd still be something in the unit swinging something dangerous, however I didn't have the points for it in the end. Not even at the expense of the truks. So really the PK in the unit is just there so that if worst comes to the worst the unit has the ability to deal with a heavy tank, assuming all else has failed. I spent many years struggling to deal with Land Raiders until they made Deffrollas effect vehicles too, I have learnt to always keep an ace up my sleeve. Ace/Power Klaw - tomAtoes/TomAHtoes.

      Yeah I did check that nobs no longer can have cybork bodies, which is a shame, but to be honest it's cos the guy I picked them up off has already done a good batch of conversions, so while it would have no in-game effect I feel it would make a good looking retinue that would fit into the Mad Dok ethos if not the rules. I put the cybork on the painboy simply so he has some kind of save. I've only played one game of 7th but I was under the impression it was still an either or on armour and invulnerable saves but FNP was an additional roll, so worth having both. a 6+/5++ followed by a 5+++ is better than a flat 5+++

      Oh don't get me wrong I wouldn't be looking to tank shock heavy weapon teams out of the way, I wouldn't even tank shock unless strictly necessary - you only have to get within range with an objective secured unit to be there, the enemy unit can still be sat there and if they aren't an objective secured unit there is bugger all they can do, you still score the objective. The ability to ram is just for the annoying guard blob squad completely surrounding an objective - "Oi, lasguns, move!" To be fair to the manager, I only ever pick up stuff I want "right now" from store, anything I plan to buy I order elsewhere with discount. He was just telling me about his own army plans. And as I had the points spare I thought I may nick the idea for a test.

      Anyway, despite me just completely disagreeing with most things you suggested, I appreciate the comment. I very nearly missed that "Nobs can't have cybork bodies any more" last night so always good to have a backstop before you commit glue to plastic :)

  2. No problem!
    I think adding a Mek to have 2 characters in a unit is the way ahead, as it also helps with 2-3 result on mob rule.
    Cybork is now a 6+ FNP not an invulnerable save, so pointless when Dok's Tools already gives 5+ FNP.

  3. Ah ok, I'd missed that change to the wargear. In which case I shall be dropping that cybork upgrade. Woo, 5 points to spend elsewhere... where shall I splash out? :P

    1. Actually might have an idea... might shave a few points off elsewhere to give that "stay home" unit of boyz a nob...

    2. Ok, so list edit, drop the painboyz cybork upgrade, drop two of the Big Meks grot oilers. Add a Nob with bosspole to the stay home unit of boyz.