Monday, 9 June 2014

Blog Wars 7 Army

That time of half year is upon us again. I'm looking to keep up to my trend of making every odd numbered blog wars. 1st one i took my Tau and came a respectable third place, since then I've taken my tyranids to 3 and 5. Though a couple of bad matchups left me in the mid / lower table regions.
This time I am heading back to the roots and taking my tau force. This will be my first outing in a semi competitive environment with the new codex. Ive had precious few games with the army in 6th edition, so should be interesting to see how I do.
With blog wars being one of the friendly tournaments I am avoiding using the nastier builds available, missile spam and ovesastar spring to mind, and I'm limiting myself to one riptide.
Previously i took farsight as my special character, though he doesn't really fit in with a shooting force, although he has his uses for deepstriking a killer bodyguard, and could be teamed with a space marine librarian for gating about. This strikes me as a bit of a dodgy tactic, so farsight is out for this year.
Shadowsun would have made a good commander for the army, and while i like the idea of a stealth shrouded riptide, that also strikes me as a little too competitive for blog wars. So I'm settling for longstrike and his railcannon. I think that having the tankhunter on it will help considerably with av14, of which it looks like there will be quite a few at blog wars with lots of Pasks about.
So my army will consist of the following:

Commander with iridium, puretide, missile pod and fusion.
Riptide with ion, velocity tracker, early warning and SMS.
3x crisis suits with 2x missile pods
3x crisis suits with missile/plasma (1 fusion)
9 firewarriors
9 firewarriors
6 firewarriors
10 kroot
10 kroot
Hammerhead, with railcannon and longstrike
Hammerhead with railcannon
Broadsides with heavy rail rifles and SMS.

Of course this isn't fully extensive and there are a few additional items scattered about. However it shows the bulk of what will be on the field.

Just got to finish painting them now. :)


  1. Oh, two squads of pathfinders as well. :)

  2. Yeah don't forget to mention those, they're always my first target :P

    1. Well something has to be. Might as well take out the support.