Monday, 28 January 2013

Speed painting win

With the upcoming winds of war combat patrol tournament, Ginge and I are taking a small dark eldar force. As neither of us actually play dark eldar, this has meant creating a new force. One that I haven't had time to paint. However given my somewhat hectic period coming up I've (well lying on a beach drinking) I am unable to paint my part of the army before the deadline. However in order to give Ginge an impression of how I want my 500 points painted I have done a single model as a sort of guide.
So I have completed a dark eldar razorwing fighter in under 2 hours (not including drying time) which for me is a personal best for practically any model, yes even gaunts. Considering this. It doesn't actually look half bad. Given a lot more time i could probably make it look better. However this will suffice for the purpose.


  1. From the quality of the typing I'd say you've had too many drinks on that beach already, but I assume you've actually fallen foul of auto-correct! :-P

    Glad I've seen this, I'd pictured something a hell of a lot darker from the way you described it to me. Mine are also green, though a much darker shade... we aren't going to mix our models up that's for sure...

  2. Yeah I was gonna do it much darker originally, however speed won out in the end though. My phone was having issues, autocorrect was updating words to what it thought I wanted without giving me the option of changing it back. Updated Now.
    I'll drop the paints and brushes that I used round to yours.