Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Black Templar allies: a quick idea

<p>Although my copy of the 6th edition rulebook has arrived, I haven't had chance to fully read it yet. Though have been having a think about allies for my existing armies. One idea with my black templars is to take a space wolf detachment with a small grey hunter squad, a rune priest and a few squads of long fangs, this covers the templars weaknesses of heavy firepower and psychic protection, while allowing the templars to do what they do best (ram initiated down the opponents throat).<br>
with a black templar force consisting of chaplains (reroll to hit rolls on charge, auto pass zeal tests) attached to large initiate squads, with the emperors champ granting rage (+2 attacks on the charge), transported in landraiders for the ability to charge out of transport. Any additional points could be spent on assault cannon / missile venerable dreads with preferred enemy.

any thoughts?


  1. Can't ally with a psycher

  2. Yeah forgot about that. Ah well. The long fangs would still be a good idea though.

  3. I am looking at doing it with crimson fists... Sternguard Unit and a devastator Squad